Monday, 8 June 2015

Illustrations and analogies for #peace

Helical Structure -  An illustration for peace
Here are some  research findings and analogies inspired from nature. The idea is to promote peace which should be represented in an architectural form at the same time we want it to be multifunctional. We want the design to reflect purpose and add character at the same time this particular zone will act a social gathering space.

At evening in harmony with the tri-colour representation

At night with artificial lighting
form + unity + flag 


Centre for Paraplegic Rehabilitation

Design evolution
The central iconic structure  is considered as the spirit connecting to all other zones. The below picture shows the tri-colour patterns adopted which is inspired from the national flag showing the integrity of our nation in promoting peace.

Plan showing central iconic structure

We tried to make it a multinational space that will stand out from the other contextual forms without compromising on function and aesthetics. The form must convey a message promoting peace and unity. Here is the result.

Conceptual Sketches


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Design Studio !DS

IDS is formed by a group of young design enthusiasts to research on multidisciplinary subjects linked with architecture. We have been conducting symposiums on universal design, indigenous knowledge and sustainability since its inception.

Our first Design Research Initiative  was on centre for paraplegic rehabilitation (CPR). CPR is a dream for the differently abled to showcase their hidden potential and to help them recover from illness.

This project is an academic research initiative in association with  #IDS Architects #SPArchs. Our thought was to make the central iconic structure to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is considered as the heart of the site connecting all other zones.

We tried to make the shape  resemble the concept of 'unity in diversity' improvised with the tricolor lighting inspired from the national flag showing the integrity of our nation in promoting peace.

Please share ur ideas 


Music: Otis McDonald

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