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Archirectural Design - Centre for Paraplegic Rehabilitation - Walkthrough

Centre for Paraplegic Rehabilitation - A Dream for differently Abled


We know that there are lot of people living with a wide array of disabilities and chronic health conditions than ever before. This project is to promote the need for universal design which will design products, environments and communication that can be usable by all people.

Illustration for Peace and Universal Design (Central Iconic Structure)
Our thought was to make the central iconic structure to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is considered as a the heart of the site connecting all other zones.

We tried to make the shape  resemble the concept of 'unity in diversity' improvised with the tricolor lighting inspired from the national flag showing the integrity of our nation in promoting peace.

The Centre is a dream for the differently-abled persons with the introduction of virtual reality which will create an interface to  interact with anyone in this world.

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